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Water Filtration

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Whole House Water Treatment System - COMBO

No Added Salt or Chemicals - Just Add Water
Maintains the Natural pH of Water

Austin Water filtration systemGranular Activated Carbon is the industry standard for chemical reduction. The chemicals reduced by GAC are chlorine and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These VOCs include pesticides, herbicides, trihalomethanes (THM's), MTBE, and most solvents.

Benefits: Reduction of objectionable tastes, odors and environmental pollutants for better tasting water and smoother, softer feeling skin & hair.

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion is certified by ANSI/NSF standards 42 and 61 for drinking water system components.

Benefits: Controls microorganisms while reducing chlorine, heavy metals, and most organic chemicals and organic poisons.

Quartz Bed assures a high flow rate through the system between back washes.

The AMP Force prevents scaling problems associated with "Hard Water" electronically, instead of the chemical processes used by water softeners. By using electronic pulses the AMP Force not only prevents internal scale but will actually de-scale any existing build-up.

Benefits: Solves many hard water plumbing problems by physically altering calcium and magnesium. Requires no user maintenance

What is "Hard Water"?

Hard Water is defined as water that contains dissolved minerals (usually but not limited to calcium and magnesium bicarbonate) expressed in grains per gallon. The lower the mineral content of the water, the softer the water (and the more corrosive); while higher mineral content means the harder the water.


How Does The AMP Force Work?

Instead of exchanging the calcium and magnesium bicarbonate for sodium or potassium (ion exchange) like a water softener, the AMP Force concentrates on the bicarbonate crystals of the minerals. In their bicarbonate form, these minerals form on one another causing buildup in plumbing and premature failure of water using appliances. Calcium and magnesium bicarbonate crystals are insoluble, but can be changed by temperature (energy) into the soluble form of carbonate crystals. Calcite is a type of calcium carbonate crystal that is soluble and has a rhombohedral (dog-tooth like) shape.

These crystals are small, very adherent and still create deposits in plumbing and fixtures. Typically, boiling water will convert bicarbonate crystals to this form of carbonate crystal. An example would be the hard-to-remove white residue left inside a pan when water is boiled down on a stove.

Calcium Bi-carbonate

Aragonite is a type of calcium carbonate that is soluble and has an acicular (needle like) shape. These crystals are very small, but not adherent. It is this non-adherent form that is created by the AmpForce Technology.

AMP Force sends a computer-controlled high frequency between 2300 and 4200 times per second (a positive and negative low voltage pulse between a stainless steel anode and cathode). The frequency, voltage and amperage required depend on the hardness and the flow of the water.

The AmpForce Technology controls the form of the frequency into the water, which ensures the change from calcium bicarbonate to calcium carbonate and into the non-adherent crystals. This formed frequency, the voltage and the amperage are precisely computer calculated so that the stainless steel anode, cathode and the water are completely stabilized (neutral).

Heres what one of our recent customers had to say.

Hi and Surprise!!

Here is that testimonial I promised. Finally uncovered my typewriter amidst all those boxes!

I moved to Sun City in April this year and had all my family for Easter. After the last quest left I decided to have my water softener checked. I remembered a clever ad I had just received in the mail----- If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay! Thus began my great education on clear, clean water.

Jarrod Bushong with Benjamin Franklin came the next day. He first took off the strainer on my bathtub faucet and I was totally shocked with what came out. There were pieces of metal, gunk and things I couldn’t even recognize. I still have these things saved in a baggie to show anyone that doesn’t believe.

There were a lot of disadvantages to the water softener. It did not remove chemicals and other contaminants and the reverse osmosis system often used, can breed bacteria. I found out that 35% of gastrointestinal problems are tap water related and that there are 2,100 toxic chemicals in drinking water that can cause cancer. With the H2O Concepts computer controlled head, problems with "Hard Water" are solved electronically, instead of the chemical processes. By using electronic impulses the Scale Patrol de-crystallizes the "Hard Water", minerals, calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate. Not only does this prevent mineral build-up but will actually reduce existing build-up. Fresh, clean water in every shower and faucet. Be educated and protect your family and Friends.

Shirley Woodson