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Tips for the Tub Stains

Bathtub stains, whether it is soap scum or calcium, lime and rust buildup, can be a pain. They look horrible, and they can make a bathroom lose its luster. They also can take forever to clean without the proper materials. The worst thing about tub stains is that everyone has them.

Our Austin Plumbers understand your plight, and we want to offer some cleaning solutions. Before you read this, know your tub – what it’s made of and what may happen if the wrong cleaning solution is used.

Here are a few cleaning tips that may work for you:

  • Rust? Go orange: For rust stains, an orange oil-based cleaner may be just what you need. Use the cleaner with a soft scrubbing pad. Make sure your tub is dry when cleaning.
  • Porcelain remedies: For those without abrasive powders, plumbing experts suggest using a paste of borax with water to clean all porcelain tubs. The borax can be spread using a sponge or pumice stone in an effort to remove soap scum. Rinse the buildup with water.
  • Give a wipe-down: After every shower or bath, wipe your tub and the walls with a wet sponge. This helps in removing excess water, which could aid in the growth of mold and mildew. If you don’t want to buy the after-shower cleaners, it has been suggested by experts to mix hydrogen peroxide with water to make a homemade shower spray.

Let these tips assist you in giving your bathtub that immaculate look once again. Feel free to call our Austin Plumbers for information, or contact us online today.