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My sewer is backing up

My sewer is backing up. Tree roots are the most common cause of sewer stoppages. Tree roots can get in through the smallest crack in your sewer line. Once they get to a steady source of nutrient rich water like your sewer they can grow to be 50 feet long. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we are experts at clearing your sewer line and repairing or replacing your sewer line. We can even replace your sewer line with out digging up your whole yard. If your sewer line is a newer line constructed of PVC and just has a small root intrusion we can install an epoxy liner called a spot repair. If you have and old Orangeburg or Clay sewer that needs to be replaced we have pipe bursting equipment that we can use to pull a new HDPE (high density polyethylene) through your existing line. The bursting head expands your old pipe allowing the new HDPE pipe to take its place. To do this we only need to dig a 4-foot by 2-foot hole every 100 feet. Most sewers can be replaced with just one hole at the house and one at the street. Before you let another plumber dig up your whole yard call us. We will send one of our plumbers out to do a free evaluation of your sewer line.