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My kitchen sink drains slow

My kitchen sink drains slow or not at all. The kitchen sink is the most common stoppage we run across and the garbage disposal is usually the culprit. Most people think that if the garbage disposal will grind it up its ok to put it down the drain. Not so, many times what makes is through the disposal is what stops up the drain. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we recommend that you don’t put raw vegetables or peelings down your garbage disposal. Especially those high in fiber like celery. If it’s been cooked it’s not a problem, cooking vegetables breaks them down and they dissolve and are digested by microorganisms quickly. Raw vegetables especially celery are fibrous and take a long time to break down. They are heavier than water and settle in the bottom of the pipe and eventually clog the pipe. Our plumbers have lots of experience in cleaning drains and they also carry a Bio degradable drain cleaner on the truck that you can purchase and use to maintain your drains in top condition. Be sure to ask them about our Bio Ben Drain treatment.