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Garbage disposal is not working

My Garbage disposal is not working. Most Garbage disposals have what’s called a reset button, normally red in color and usually located on the bottom of the unit. It is essentially a safety device used to keep the motor from burning up if the disposal becomes jammed. If you turn your disposal on and you don’t hear  anything at all not even a humming sound then the rest has tripped. You can reset it by simply pushing in the red reset button. Once you have done that try turning it on again. If it just hums it may be jammed. Some disposals come with a wrench that fits in the bottom of the disposal that you can use to turn the motor and free the cutting blades. If none of these things work what ever you do don’t stick any thing inside the disposal especially not your hands. Quite often broken glass or some other sharp objects can be causing the problem. If something has to be removed from inside the disposal only a trained professional should do it.